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Heinz Winckler Music & Ministry aims to minister Wholeness to Families and Unity in the Church and in the nation. This is done through concerts, church events, school events, community events, functions or festivals. Heinz Winckler shares his testimony, teaches from the Bible and ministers through his songs to encourage, uplift and inspire. Heinz is part of Every Nation Somerset West, and the global Every Nation church. He stands in accountability to his pastor, Pierre Smith and the elders of the church, and he ministers with their consent and blessing.

If you would like to partner with this ministry, please click on any of the links on the right here, choosing your amount.
For a partnering amount of R500 or more, you will receive an “It’s Time” t-shirt.

If you would like to make an EFT of a specified amount, here are the banking details:
Carl H Winckler

Current Acc nr 62035576290
Sandton City Branch code: 254605

If you would like to make a fixed monthly contribution, please email to setup a debit order.

The funds raised by yours and others’ partnership will be utilized for the following:

  1. Marketing of events through online and traditional platforms
  2. Administration costs
  3. Buying and renting sound, lighting and AV equipment as needed to do the work of ministry with excellence
  4. Travel, accommodation and meals costs when traveling for Heinz and crew
  5. Crew fees
  6. Heinz Winckler salary for family living expenses

If you would like an invoice, please request one by emailing We will generate one for every amount received.

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